Proposed Merger Consultation


Frequently asked Questions and Answers


Which Practices are involved in the merger?

We are asking to merge the patient lists for the Cedar House Surgery and Eaton Socon Health Centre in St. Neots to create a single patient list.


Why are you doing this?

It has always been our intention to request a formal merger of the patient lists in St. Neots. Our aim remains to ensure that all of our patients are able to access the same level of high-quality patient care and all of the services that we are able to offer. We believe that the most effective way to do this is to operate as one Practice and to merge our patient lists.


How will you improve the range and quality of services that are available to all patients?

At the moment we operate as two separate Practices and each Practice has been commissioned to provide a range of services. Not all services are available at every site and this means that not all of our patients can access them. Becoming one Practice would mean that all of the services that we are commissioned to provide would be available to all of our patients. And, by working together, we can identify the best ways that we deliver our services and make this our benchmark. We have a wide range of clinicians in St. Neots with some trained in more specialist areas such as dermatology, and family planning. At the moment, only patients registered at the same surgery as the clinician are able to access these services but by merging our patient lists all of our St. Neots patients would be able to access the full range of available clinicians.


What is the anticipated timescale for the merger?

Following our initial 90 day consultation period we will analyse your feedback and discuss this with NHS England and our local CCG. Once the decision has been made patients will be given 90 days notification of any change.


Will I still be able to access my current GP or the GP of my choice?

Yes, you will still be able to access your current GP or the GP of your choice.


Will I still be able to see the Nurse of my choice?

Yes, you will still be able to access your current Nurse or the Nurse that you choose. Some members of our Nursing Teams are trained and experienced in different areas and our Reception Teams will always arrange your appointment for you with the most appropriate member of our Nursing Team.


How will I book an appointment or order a repeat prescription after the merger?

Arrangements for Cedar House Surgery, Dumbelton Medical Centre and Eaton Socon Health Centre will not change. These patients will continue to contact their current site to book an appointment or request a prescription. Online services will continue to be available at both locations.


Will each site retain its own Patient Group?

We currently have Patient Groups or Patient Reference Groups at each of our sites and these will continue to operate throughout the consultation period as they do now, namely representing the views of the patients at each site and working together to provide patient education events.

If our request to merge our patient lists is approved, then we would anticipate moving towards a single Patient Group. Our Patient Groups provide a much appreciated support and advisory service to our Practices and we would encourage any patients who would be interested in joining our Groups.


What will each location be called after the merger?

We will continue to operate from our current locations at Cedar House Surgery, Dumbelton Medical Centre and Eaton Socon Health Centre and will continue to identify our locations using these names so that we are clear where patients will be accessing their care.


How will the merger affect clinical staffing?

By coming together we believe that we will be better placed to both retain and recruit our clinical team members – including GPs, Nurses and other healthcare professionals – and develop a clinical team that will meet the healthcare needs of our patients.